Microscopic dentistry

The most precise diagnosis and treatment of your teeth using a modern surgical microscope and magnifying loupes.

We use the KAPS 1450 Top Line surgical microscope and SurgiTel and Carl Zeiss magnifying loupes.

Surgical microscope

How far does the surgical microscope advance microscopic dentistry?

The surgical microscope gives the dentist a detailed view of the situation, allowing for precision performance of procedures and the achievement of high-quality, long-lasting results.

Dentistry places immense demands on the human eye. We must pay close attention to details that are often nearly impossible to recognize with the naked eye. Without optical magnification, we are left to rely on our experience alone. An example is the
treatment of root canals, which may be no bigger in diameter than 0,05 mm, a very difficult size for the human eye to differentiate. The success of such procedures often depends on precise recognition of the structures being worked on, and incorrect identification of those structures combined with a failure to respect anatomically given dimensions can greatly reduce long-term success. The same is true for surgical procedures in the oral cavity. By using microsurgical methods, we can achieve a higher success rate, significantly reduce or even eliminate postoperative complications (swelling, pain), and accelerate the healing process. Thanks to magnification technologies, we successfully complete a greater number of procedures and ensure our patients get the most from their teeth for years to come.

Surgical microscope view of the pulp chamber floor and root canal openings during endodontic treatment.

Advantages of using the microscope

Accurate diagnostics during dental examinations

We can identify and diagnose even the smallest of dental caries, cracks in poorly executed dental fillings and crowns, and fractures and infractions in teeth.

Precision dental fillings

We can remove all damaged enamel and dentine and correct fillings with the utmost precision.

We can model fillings down to the smallest detail. The result is a highly aesthetic, indiscernible, and fully functional filling.

Root canal treatment – endodontics

Endodontics is one of the branches of dentistry in which the use of the surgical microscope is of fundamental importance. The inner chamber of a tooth and the root canals beneath it are very difficult for the human eye to differentiate without optical magnification.

The surgical microscope allows us to maintain a clear view of the inner spaces of teeth (root canals). This means we can provide patients with high-quality care for teeth that
would otherwise have to be extracted and are able to achieve a treatment success rate exceeding 96%.

Assistance during surgical procedures

Implantology, sinus lift, augmentation, periodontal surgery. Thanks to magnifying loupes and the surgical microscope, we’re able to reduce the intensity of postoperative difficulties experienced by the patient, which results in a significantly faster healing process.

Better prosthetics

By using magnifying loupes and the surgical microscope, we can work with a high degree of precision without damaging surrounding tissues, such as the gums or mucosa.

Magnifying loupes and the surgical microscope make it possible to inspect the quality of impressions and the accuracy of treatment in minute detail, which in turn allows us to guarantee a flawless product with a good long-term prognosis.

“The surgical microscope gives our clinic the ability to practice microsurgery and offer our patients truly detailed and accurate treatment of the teeth and jawbone.”

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Our technology

KAPS 1450 Top Line

Surgical microscope

A high-end dental microscope by KAPS designed for demanding users and specialists in microscopic dentistry.

Sophisticated ergonomics and accuracy thanks to an integrated f200-400 mm vario objective lens for immediate and precision focusing of the treatment area. Together with magnifying loupes, it is the ideal instrument for microscopic dentistry and

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Our technology

Carl Zeiss EyePro

Magnifying loupes

The brilliant stereoscopic image provided by Carl Zeiss magnifying loupes enables better differentiation of the smallest structures, thus helping to achieve the best possible results.

Carl Zeiss offers a wide range of Galilean and prismatic magnifying loupes for all
dentistry applications according to working distance and magnification requirements. Thanks to the high image quality, exceptional depth of focus, and up to eight magnification settings, there is an optics system suited to every need.

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Our technology

SurgiTel TTL

Magnifying loupes

These magnifying loupes are individually adapted to the specific needs of the doctor. They reliably provide precision optics and an unobstructed, detailed view of the entire treatment area.

The main advantages of these magnifying loupes include a fixed optical system, custom manufacturing, light weight, powerful illumination, exceptional depth of focus, wide field of view, optics individualisation (correction of vision defects), and a patented system for adjusting interpupillary distance and the height of the loupes. The patented LED headlight is the smallest and lightest in the world.

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