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We offer cutting-edge aesthetic treatments under the microscope, but also treatments on health insurance.

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Our services

Dental implants

Replacement of missing teeth with modern, highly reliable, and guaranteed long-lasting
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Oral surgery

We specialise in oral surgery to treat diseases, defects, and injuries of the oral cavity and teeth.
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Microscopic dentistry

The most precise diagnosis and treatment of the teeth using a surgical microscope and magnifying loupes.
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Dental hygiene

Allow us to teach you about proper oral hygiene and make your smile brighter and more beautiful.
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This year, IMPLANTA is also preparing to expand its selection of services with aesthetic dentistry.


We’re a synchronised team of professional oral surgeons and dental implantologists equipped with the latest technologies

IMPLANTA is a specialised dentistry clinic in Ledeč nad Sázavou in the Czech Republic’s Vysočina Region. Our goal is to provide our clients with the absolute best in dental implantology and modern oral surgery based on precision diagnostic methods, careful and responsible work, and extensive experience in the field.

Our team

Jan Maštálka, MD

Chief physician – implantology, oral surgery

In 2004, he graduated from the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. In 2009, he successfully took his professional examination and earned his certificate of completion of specialist training in oral
surgery. He is the chief physician at IMPLANTA. Dr Maštálka regularly
participates in international symposia and congresses and is a member of multiple specialist societies.

Jiří Baader, MDD

Microscopic dentistry, oral surgery

In 2010, he graduated from Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine. He has specialised in microscopic dentistry and oral surgery throughout his career. Dr Baader regularly participates in international symposia and congresses and is a member of multiple specialist societies.

Dumitru Ciubrei, MDD

Oral surgery

In 2014, he graduated from a prestigious university in Kiev, Ukraine. Throughout his career, he has primarily specialised in oral surgery. Dr Ciubrei regularly participates in international symposia and
congresses and is a member of multiple specialist societies. 

Martina Rákosníková

Head nurse

Kateřina Mikysková, DiS.

Dental assistant

Nikola Vopěnková

Dental assistant

Kristýna Starostová

Surgical technologist

Radka Bobáňová, DiS.

Reception – administration

“We practice implantology and oral surgery at our clinic in the Vysočina Region.”

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KAPS 1450 Top Line, SurgiTel and Carl Zeiss magnifying loupes

Dental microscope, magnifying loupes

A high-end dental microscope by KAPS designed for demanding users and specialists in microscopic dentistry.

Sophisticated ergonomics and accuracy thanks to an integrated f200-400 mm vario objective lens for immediate and precision focusing of the treatment area. Together with magnifying loupes, it is the ideal instrument for microscopic dentistry and

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Implant Center Acteon Satelec

Multifunction implant unit

Provides total patient care during implant surgeries.

All procedures are managed by a single unit. The Implant Center represents the perfect balance between safety and speed. Its elegant design, multifunctionality, and compact size make it the ideal instrument for implantology and oral surgery.

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Osstell IDx

Diagnostics system

Osstell IDx assists in objectively assessing implant stability and degree of osseointegration without jeopardising the healing process.

It is a fast, non-invasive system that provides accurate and objective information required during surgery and in follow-up monitoring of osseointegration.

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VistaScan mini

Image plate scanner

The VistaScan Mini image plate scanner – the primary exponent of so-called indirect digitalisation.

The speed with which X-ray images are obtained and, namely, the outstanding quality of the images are two of the VistaScan Mini’s greatest advantages.

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Vacuklav 41 B+

Steam steriliser

The Vacuclav 41 B+ is a modern steam steriliser (autoclave) that ensures a high degree of sterilisation and guarantees sterility for all our dental instruments and attachments.

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Professional activities

“As specialists, we share our opinions and professional experiences with experts
in the fields of dental implantology and oral surgery as well as with the general public.”


Medical degree

Doctor of Medicine in dentistry awarded by the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University


Certificate of proficiency in oral
surgery issued by the Czech Dental Chamber


Certificate of membership in the Czech Endodontic Society
We’ll be happy to provide you with our prices during a personal consultation, and you can also request more information by using our contact form.

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+420 702 029 924
IČ: 75122715
Jiřího Wolkera 1353,
‍584 01 Ledeč nad Sázavou
Czech Republic

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Aesthetic dentistry


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